It is increasingly apparent that there is something deeply disturbed about our present society. A black sun looms over the horizon, casting long shadows upon the Earth. We have become so accustomed to the darkness, that many of us do not even know what the sunlight looks like anymore. Today we live in a world that is controlled by greedy cowards, small men who rule over large stacks of money. There was once a time when the lords of the land were the ones who fought in the battles to defend that land. Now the rest of us exist as atomized pawns of greedy overlords.

There are so many things wrong with today’s society I almost don’t even know where to start. In a land of lies few are acquainted with the truth. So I hope that this blog can be a source of truth, answers to whoever wants them and discussion of some of the problems in our society. Here are some of the points I’ll be making:

  • An awareness that the destruction and disregard for nature is directly linked to the mental and spiritual pollution of our society.
  • The West’s need for a new religion. Our current version of Christianity is crumbling, New Age religions are impotent versions of their former Pagan Glory, and Secular Humanism is leading to an empty culture.  Without an adequate spirituality connected to nature to keep society together we will fall apart and be conquered by more Masculine cultures than our own (i.e. Islamic Fundamentalists).
  • A return to Patriarchy. A society requires direct participation from its male members to survive. Without the ability to appeal to males, they will engage in escapist activities and society will fall apart.
  • The need to question Democracy. If this system is too impotent to push needed reform, it will be replaced by more tyrannical lords.
  • Diversity is strength, but immigration should be done in a way that enhances the current culture, not a lack of defense that endangers the current culture. We should remember that Rome, Egypt and Persia were diverse places, but they still had a set of cultural values that they did not compromise for outsiders.
  • An awareness of art, beauty, heroism, femininity, masculinity and real values.

Thanks for reading my blog! Best regards!


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