The New Antifeminists – (Hint: They’re Not From The Religious Right)

The New Antifeminists – (Hint: They’re Not From The Religious Right)


Today Alternet had a pretty good article explaining that the Religious Right is fading as the primary antifeminist force in modern, American society.

While Alternet may have primarily Feminist, Left Wing views, I think the article still made a lot of good points.

It’s no secret that Millennials are less religious than previous generations. Church attendance is lower, there is a larger number of Atheists among this demographic, and more people who define themselves as spiritual – rather than religious. Millennials are also probably the least Right Wing demographic, in terms of the fact that they are more likely to support gay rights, see women as equals, support abortion rights, and are more willing to learn about and understand other cultures.



However, Feminists are now finding themselves in a funny position. When second wave Feminism emerged in the 1960’s, the chief opposition to the movement came from Right Wing religious authorities. It was Christians who were arguing that a woman’s place was in the home making babies, while the Feminist back lash was less religious. While there are some religious Feminists, most oppose traditional religion for its Patriarchal tenants. A chief victory of Second Wave Feminism was Roe V Wade, the right to get an abortion. Birth control was another big victory that completely changed the nature of sexual relations and birth in our society.  (I would just like to say that I support the right to get abortions and use birth control).

Many Feminists believed that a fading adherence to Patriarchal religions would blossom into the emergence of a more egalitarian – more feminist society.

However, much to the surprise of Feminists today, the chief force of Anti-Feminism sentiment is not coming from a predominantly religious narrative anymore. As the influence of the religious right wanes among Millennials, much of the rhetoric of people like Pat Robertson is more useful for generating laughs than fear.


Now a prominent force of anti-feminist sentiment comes from disgruntled, non-religious young men in the world of gaming and the internet. There have even been a few prominent Atheists like Christopher Hitchens who have spoken out against Feminism. But how could this be?  Isn’t the big bad evil Patriarchal Religion the cause of all oppression? Surely as we become a more rational, science based society everything will become egalitarian and these social constructs that cause gender will surely deteriorate. Yet it comes as a nasty surprise when some of the chief voices of rationality and science don’t fit into the Feminist narrative.

But one must remember that Feminism isn’t really based on any sort of science, empirical study or objective reality. Most of the books, papers, and so called “sources” that back up feminists are simply things written by other feminists.It’s just a big paper trail.

Feminism, like religion, is an ideology. An ideology that society, for now, has decided to buy into. But even the most basic science shows fundamental differences between men and women. And the only time feminists ever want to talk about these differences is when the science says something positive about women or something negative about men. It’s okay to talk about how women are more flexible, have better immune systems and a greater pain threshold than men (all things that have some degree of proof in various scientific studies). But when you start to talk about the fact that men may have better spatial awareness, and that there is a higher frequency of male geniuses (as well as male retards to be fair), people will scream at you for being a sexist and demand that you resign from whatever current job position you may occupy.

But the thing with today’s growing number of anti-feminist atheists is that they reject sentimental ideology in favor of objective reality. Feminism is based on feels, not reals. This is why Social Justice Warriors are increasingly finding themselves picking fights with the nerd community, rather than church ministers  or the 700 club.


One must remember that Patriarchy is not exclusive to Judeo-Christian societies. China for instance is a largely non-religious society, with a sufficient number of atheists, and China is still a pretty Patriarchal place – even more so than the religious U.S.

We must remember that Religion is merely an ideology like any other, and the only difference is that religion is an ideology backed up by the words of a big powerful Sky Daddy. Confucianism too is a framework of social and Patriarchal values, the only difference is that it is not backed by a God. As I mentioned in my last article, civilizations emerge when men band together and form a cooperative society that yields benefits for male participation. Men are not going to cooperate with each other and make sacrifices for a society that gives them little benefits. This is why all civilizations are Patriarchal, the only difference among civilizations is the degree to which the Patriarchy exists. The U.S. is a soft Patriarchy whereas China is a more strict Patriarchy. Patriarchy is a system where most of the people in charge of the society are male. Can you deny that most U.S. leaders and fortune 500 members are male? The only Matriarchal or Egalitarian societies that have ever existed in history have been tribal at best.


Today, there are many bitter and angry young male Millennials. Many of these men cannot get a reliable job with health insurance, or one that can even give them a realistic wage. Even people with a white-collar job still have to split the bills with a roommate(s) or romantic partner just to barely stay afloat. Also, while I don’t think a woman is a sort of “entitlement” or trophy that men automatically deserve just for existing, many of today’s underemployed males are having a much more difficult time in the dating scene than their fathers and grandfathers ever did. In the old days men and women would date around until a woman found a reliable guy who could pay the bills, and then they would eventually settle down. Now that the earning power is split between men and women, things are no longer so simple.

The Elite daily posted a humorous article on the 10 stages of the Modern Relationship.  Today, relationships are insanely confusing. There are open relationships, plates, unicorns, booty calls, beta bux, alpha fux,  friends with benefits, friendzoned orbiters, alpha males, beta males, omega males – what next gamma and delta males?

I’m not saying that life is a cakewalk for the ladies either. Women are also struggling with unemployment, the life expectancy for today’s young women is shorter than the previous generation. They too are overworked, over-stressed, many are paying the bills as single mothers and many feel unappreciated and used. However here is the key difference: men are more willing to become violent when things don’t work out their way. All of the mass shootings have been committed by males. Most terrorists are males. Most soldiers are males. Yes, there are a few brave women (such as the Kurdish ladies) who will fight when the occasion calls. But women in general are not as prone to expressing their rage through violent means.

Yet history is a tale soaked in blood. Most societies are paved with the tears of the losers and the skulls of the fallen. Even America, a “free” society, sits upon a history of slavery and genocide that would make Rome weep. When change does not come through peaceful means, violence and aggression pushes a means to an end.




So in today’s Darwinian, soulless corporate world how are angry, bitter young men banding together?

They are creating their own artificial world via the internet and the realm of online gaming. In the gaming world you can be a hero, you can go on glorious quests, you can be a part of a storyline that places you in a relationship with a super attractive woman, YOU can rescue the princess, YOU can be SOMEBODY.

Now I’m not assuming that all gamers are male. There are definitely women out there who like to game too. Yet the foundations of the gaming world, for the most part, have been built by a male following.

When it comes to the Gamer Gate issue that everyone has been talking about lately, I don’t want to go too much into that issue, because it has become a burning hot potato. I don’t want to defend one side or the other, because there has been a certain amount of blood spilled on both sides of the issue.

However, what I will say, is that whether their concerns are legitimate or not, some people in the gaming world (I don’t want to generalize all gamers) are angry about the perception that Social Justice Warriors are trying to police the artificial world that they have created, so now they are banding together and fighting back with everything they’ve got. This is probably not a fight that these particular gamers will relent on. Gamers are patient, gamers are willing to cooperate with one another when the stakes are high, and gamers are persistent. They’ll fight the same boss 100 times until they win. They’ll do boring and tedious quests for weeks just to level up their stats. They’ll burn their opponents to the ground ruthlessly to gain territory and victory. So is this a demographic of people who will give up? I doubt it.

To be clear, I don’t think nerds are opposed to women being part of their activities, since there already are many women into gaming and science fiction (as well as women who star prominently in these things). Some nerds may, but in my experience as a woman doing gaming, doing computer programming, going to cons, and participating in table top gaming, most of the time I felt very included and respected as a person. I just don’t think nerds take kindly to people policing their fantasies.

So it will be interesting to see how today’s young, prominently atheist, intellectual, internet and gaming savvy males react to the politics of Feminism. How will this young generation grow into the next? My guess is that more and more young men will abandon tenants of the current society like marriage, and give more time and effort to the artificial societies that they have created.

Then the question is, will the ghost eventually emerge from the machine? Will the artificial world created online affect tenants of the current reality? That is indeed an interesting question.


3 thoughts on “The New Antifeminists – (Hint: They’re Not From The Religious Right)

  1. For a couple of years I’ve thought that if a country were designed with laws that are markedly patriarchal, regarding: marriage, male-female relationships, taxation, common values, the role of the governmental nanny-state ‘safety net’ – men would flock there.

    It would be a male retirement haven; and those men whose jobs are entirely virtual (I am a software developer) could live in this faraway country long before retirement, and ‘telecommute’ across international lines.

    Enter the gamers’ world.

    What these guys have developed, to a certain extent, is a virtual version of what I envisioned.


    • That’s an interesting idea.

      I guess as more of what goes on in the internet effects reality, we have to question what IS reality.

      If stock trades, and the news media, and our entertainment and our relationships are exchanged via the internet – then the internet is more real than the actual reality.

      So if a group of men all congregate online to make a fantasy world that they find appealing, and then spend real time and even real money on that world – is it not a reality?

      Also, when you see many of the more right wing movements rising around the world (like nationalism and extremist Islam), I think in a way this is men trying to create a world that they can fit into better, than the world of Neo-Liberal Economics that treats everyone like a cog in the machine.

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  2. Everything ends up as an understanding in your mind, including the reality of the computer screen you’re reading right now or an orange in your hands that’s about to become a snack. Reality is essentially an experience of chemicals, hormones and electrical neuronets. Imagination can trigger the very same chemicals, hormones and neuronets. What happened in your life yesterday is a memory. What happened yesterday while gaming is a memory.


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