Why Are Most of the Western Converts to Islam Women?

Why Are Most of the Western Converts to Islam Women?

In this blog post I’m not going to bother with arguing whether Islam is a good or bad religion. There are plenty of arguments about that elsewhere.

However, I have posted this video, because it points out an interesting fact. Out of the 5,000 people who converted to Islam in the U.K, in 2011, some 75% of the converts were women, and most of them were white. Now the fact that most of the converts were white is not all that significant, considering that whites are the majority of people in the U.K. I’m sure if you took a survey of how many people eat pizza in the U.K, you would also find that a majority of them were white – so a majority of most people on British surveys will be white.

Yet in a country where the gender population is roughly 50/50, I find it interesting that an overwhelming majority of the converts are women.

So why is Islam so much more appealing for Western women than Western men?

First of all, women in general are more religious and spiritual. If you look at religions across all spectrums, you’ll find that women are usually the more prevalent sex. While in Atheism, a majority of unbelievers are male. Atheism appeals to the male sense of practicality and logic, while religion applies to the female’s more emotional and social inclinations.

Yet since Christianity is still the predominant religion in the U.K. (at least for now), why are so many women converting to Islam? This seems especially incredulous to Western Feminists, who wonder why women would want to give up all their wonderful rights – like the right to get blitzed each night, gang bang a football team, or have no hope of getting married and having children until your eggs are already all dried up.

The truth is that many of these women want to return to something that their native, Christian culture no longer has to offer. They may not say it, but they want to live in a Patriarchal, Pre-feminist culture with clear cut rules, structure and regulation.

It’s interesting that in the program, they said that the average age of conversion for women was “27.” However, I think there is a reason for this. 27 is that age when many women begin to have sort of a “quarter life crisis.” They’re almost thirty and are not yet married, or they haven’t had kids yet. They’ve done everything their culture has told them to do – get an expensive education, get a job, be independent, date lots of guys – yet by their late 20’s, the thrill of that whole life feels empty and quite vain.

Christianity in most of the Western world (except for some more traditional pockets of America) has drank the Feminist cool-aid. Most churches tell women the same things that the humanist, secular, liberal, capitalist society is telling them – go off and do whatever you want!

Feminism fought hard so that women would have the same place in society that men do. Whereas men were once the breadwinners and providers, now women get to play this role too. Yet many women (who aren’t privileged enough to major in a subject like Women’s Studies and then live off their parents – or rich husband’s money), many women today are stressed out,fed up, depressed, and feel lost in this jungle of a society. The life expectancy of working class white women today is lower than the previous generation. You now have more working class white women dying of stress related illnesses. You also now have more single mother households, and that is probably one of the most stressful jobs in the world.

So here are a few reasons why a Patriarchal, 7th century religion would appeal to Western “liberated” women:


In Islam, the male must be the breadwinner for his household because he is stronger than his wife. “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women because Allah has given one more (strength) than the other because they support them from their means.” In Surah Al-Baqarah Surah 2, Verse 228 (2: 2228)

This doesn’t mean that women aren’t allowed to work. Even though many fanatical Muslims interpret it this way, that is not actually what the belief entails. Some of the prophet’s wives even had jobs, one of his wives for example made saddles for camels. There are even parts of the Koran that state that a man is required to give a woman a dowry in marriage, and this dowry is money that she is allowed to do whatever she wants with.

Basically, in the Islamic interpretation of marriage, a woman doesn’t have to work to financially provide for the home, but a man does. However, there is nothing forbidding a woman from acquiring gainful employment, so if she decides she wants to work – than that is fine. If she’d rather stay at home and take care of the children, that is fine too.

So why are men required to work when women aren’t? As mentioned above, men are the maintainers because God gave them more strength than the women. Some translations state that this word means “superiority,” but the actual Arabic root of the word is Iqama, which means “to stand up for” – as in standing for prayers. In other words, men are the ones who stand up for things. As I mentioned in previous posts, men are most often the ones who will fight and die for a cause that is important for them, they are more often the one that will take a bullet to the chest for their lover, they are most often the ones who will take a risk – for better or for worse. I’m not saying that women don’t do these things, I’m merely saying that they do these things less often than men.

Therefore, in the Islamic opinion on marriage, God made men the ones in charge because they are the ones who will stand up for the family when shit hits the fan.

Given that 75% of Britain’s converts are female, I’m willing to guess that many of these women are just fine with this patriarchal arrangement – and probably even somewhat relieved to hand their burdens over to their husbands.


Let’s face it, being promiscuous is a drain – and it’s more of a drain for women than for men. Women are bombarded with messages from every angle that they can be just as promiscuous as the boys and have just as much fun. Yet the grating emotional realities of riding the sex train are pretty crushing. Many of these women think this behavior is fun, until they fuck someone who they fall in love with, but who thinks of them only as a walking, talking flesh light.

In a sexually promiscuous culture, I can see the allure in reverting to a 7th century, conservative ideology on sex.

There is also the fact that while standards for women have dipped in many areas – such as standards for motherhood, virginity, and their skills as a homemaker – the standards for appearance have skyrocketed in some areas and dipped in others. Of course there are all sorts of people these days arguing that it’s okay to be fat, and all that B.S. But this doesn’t change the fact that big breasted, waif thin, half naked blonde women are used to advertise everything from candy bars to sports cars. And that standards for models and celebrities are much higher today than they were in the past. (Part of this is because Photoshopped models create a standard that is literally impossible to meet).

One video I watched about a woman’s conversion to Islam came from a former Playboy Model in Texas who wanted to reclaim ownership and respect over her body.


Dating these days is a confused mess. All the options may be exciting at first, but the allure wears off when women discover that 90% of the men who are “into them,” really only want to fuck them and then move on to the next piece of ass when the meat gets cold. And even with the men who stick around, there are no more gender roles, no courtship, no chivalry. A relationship these days is basically a friendship where sex is involved. A guy treats his girlfriend like a smaller bro that he can fuck. While the equality might be nice at a friendship level, such an arrangement lacks passion, mystery, and romance.

I’m not condemning men here. I don’t blame them. What’s the point of wining and dining every woman you meet when many will put out after the third date? And what’s the point of being chivalrous when these days many guy’s girlfriends make more than they do?

It reminds me of that one Dave Chappelle sketch in which he mentioned his girlfriend complaining that he never took her out, to which he responded “why don’t YOU ever take me out? You make more money than I do?” Then he follows with some comment about how the economy may have changed, but women are still women.

And that’s the truth. Women ARE still women. Whether they are Feminist or Traditional, they want a protective Patriarchy that will take care of them, make them feel safe, coddle them, and provide for their material needs. Feminists are fighting for this goal as well, they are simply fighting for enhancing the bureaucracy of the state while more traditional women are turning to religion for answers.

As Christianity fails to implement the Patriarchy, will more people turn to Islam in Europe or Right Wing Nationalist Movements? That will be an interesting question for the 21st century.


11 thoughts on “Why Are Most of the Western Converts to Islam Women?

  1. I agree that modern feminism has in some way blurred the roles of the male and female in our society. These days, if a guy wants to date he has to learn certain rules about the “game” and how to avoid showing any emotional attachment at first since feminists view kindness as weakness. And women also tend to stonewall and run for the hills at the first sign of trouble as well, so that jab about women fucking men who they love only for those men to use them for sex is unfair. You must realize as well that Islam is not just a religion in our modern era, it is a creed, an ideology which has an entire political system integrated into it called Sharia Law. Once you learn more about its political aims, you’ll realize that its not all peace and prayers.

    As far as men being mandated to financially provide for their family, realize that is pretty much true in all cultures so nothing so special there. In our western culture we pretty much shame lazy men as being deadbeats. However modern feminism has weakened western men to such a point that men are behaving like girls and dressing up like Justin Bieber. They certainly don’t look like they’re going to stand and fight, instead these young men openly accept Islam as a religion of peace. It doesn’t matter how many times western nations are subjected to radical Islamic Terrorism, most of our own men would rather hit the deck than stand up and fight for their own cultural liberal values.

    You say Islam mandates that women keep their sexuality for their husbands. And you are correct. This is due to insecurity on the part of Muslim men. But you’ll still find many hijab head scarf ladies wearing their makeup to perfection while wearing designer western clothes. The head scarf isn’t fooling me.

    However you deliberately forgot to mention how muslim men are allowed to keep sex slaves (non muslim women who are regarded as war booty i.e right hands possessions). You also don’t mention how Prophet Mohammed seemingly had convenient revelations whenever he wanted something for eg. How he made his wife’s coptic maid Maria lawful for him as a sex slave, or how he wanted his adopted son’s wife Zainab for himself. Please read up on the biography of Mohammed. Even go ahead and read the Quran (supposedly unaltered word of god which employs the law of abrogation to deal with contradictions in the verses i.e the violent medina verses take preference over the peaceful mecca verses).

    You also aren’t aware about how he and his followers raped women on the same night after killing off their husbands and fathers only to take some as wives. Rehana was one of these women. You don’t seem to know about Mohammed’s wife Aisha who was married to him at 6 years old, He had sex with her when she was 9. Islam as a political system for power is severely flawed in its view of women. But as some women are naturally attracted to jerks anyhow, while friendzoning the “nice guys”, it isn’t all that strange that they favor a system that expects males to be dominant. I guess its time the western guys got their balls back.

    You are correct in saying women are more spiritual than men. But it will serve western women good to use their rational brains and examining the political side of Islam before they jump on the religion of peace’s bandwagon.Visiting a mosque with your muslim boyfriend (which is weird as muslims are forbidden to date) and hearing the arabic prayers will seem very spiritual and peaceful. But read the fine print. Once you join that club there’s no getting out. Even if you find something morally reprehensible about it you are forbidden to speak out against it. That is why many muslims never speak out against Sharia Law. They’ll condemn ISIS but won’t condemn the principles that ISIS stand for. The penalty for apostasy is death under the Sharia. And a women is punished by lashings / stonings in muslim countries is she was raped (for the crime of sex outside marraige). If only more western women took a moment to step back and think before forsaking their own culture.


  2. Thanks for reading my article Randal. I’m not defending Islam here. In the beginning I said that I wasn’t going to debate whether Islam is a good or bad religion. The purpose of this article is to explain why western women are converting more than western men. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, just trying to figure out the why of a current reality.


  3. Yaada gaarii-jaalattaniis jibbitaniis Islaamni balbala hunda rukutuuf taa’a;regardless of the west’s view,whether you like it or not,Islam will knock every door at every corner of the world,Insha Allah-God Willing!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Well, as I see it, even if the sex-slave thing is correct, I think the average female muslim convert is egotistical. As long as she has already converted and wont be a sex-slave, shes fine. And she probably also buys into the “alladin-carpet-ride-song” and doesent think deeply about the fact that muslim males also chase new pussy by religious mandate of rape of women of the right hand.

    “I wont be the second or third wife, because my man loves me” or “Who cares about those kaffir-sex slaves, at least they werent beheaded like their former kafir-husbands, and my man loves me and wont have a new one”.

    Just like western men want to have sexual variety, muslim men do to. Its just that one has the religous mandate to do so by raping kafirs or getting an additional wife,
    while the other has acheived actual equality between genders, a sexual utopia for men where rape is condoned but partners still plentiful. Its just that it doesent really benefit women as much as they would have hoped, and not being as fun as they had expected to be able to sleep around.

    Im rooting for the western world however. It might be confusing as hell, it has its flaws and leave some women stranded, but noones shaming, raping, whoring or murdering them for being without a husband, non-believers are accepted and embraced, and it can accomodate different views, has a better quality of life etc.

    The female converts to Islam feel like stupid crabs in a bucket to me. “I get to have a husband and dont have to think anymore, no matter that my children will grow up in squalor and misery living in cow-dung houses as society collapses”.


  5. A vast majority of muslims are not polygamists (even though it is allowed in their religion). And a vast majority don’t have sex slaves. Not saying I agree with everything in Islam. There are certainly parts of Islam I find disagreeable. But I think it’s important to keep the facts straight here.


  6. Women convert to Islam mostly after they have sex with a Muslim man. Sex makes a woman become that man’s woman and then she will take him name and religion, not matter what it is.


    • Billy Bones
      let’s say your claim is correct. Then, it is clearly mentioned in the Quran that a man can not have sexual relation except with his wife.
      Moreover, why a woman needs to convert after having sex with muslim man as you claim.In fact, If a woman love to have a sex, it is truely allowed in the west at anytime.
      well, I find your knowledge on this topic is clearly untrue.
      If you really wants to know the reason, then see converter’s story.
      Ignorance is a pain.


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