How PC Culture is Making People More Racist and Sexist


“If it makes you feel bad, it’s bad.”

PC culture refers to our new culture of political correctness. Now let me first say that saying outright racist or sexist things with intent to threaten isn’t “speaking plainly,” “frank talk,” or whatever BS people would like to call it. I understand that there are certain things that people should try not to say out of respect and common decency for others. Going up to a random person and calling them a c^nt or a N!gg$r (like you’re at a Trump rally) isn’t “speaking your mind,” it’s disgusting behavior.

While this blog has spoken out against feminism, I don’t believe in going around and being purposefully hateful to other people with the aim of promoting a cause, because it weakens whatever point you are trying to argue.

But with that said, when I refer to PC culture, I’m talking about the new way in which we frame our language and thinking. In which we dissect every word and mannerism with a microscope, subjecting every action to a perpetual level of scrutiny that has no end.

It is a culture where if something makes you feel bad, it’s bad. Even if the original intention of an offending comment or statement was rather benign. It is a culture that is intent on putting “trigger warnings” on material that may offend people, or creating safe spaces where people don’t have to see anything they don’t like. It is basically the attempt at creating a bubble to protect people from the effects of free speech.

The original intent of political correctness was a good one. Identify things that marginalize and insult people and try to find better ways to say those things. Fair enough, sounds good. Even the whole idea of someone “checking their privilege” had a good intention. It was a way to call attention to the fact that women or people of color may have less of a voice in certain spaces, and that we should give these people more of a chance to express their own experience, rather than having it interpreted and filtered through a white man.

Anyways, these were concepts that were originally thought up for the greater good. But the problem is that there are a lot of dumb people out there. And some dumb people have latched onto these concepts and use them as a way to bully others, or make themselves into a martyr. This comes in the form of people on twitter and tumblr who claim to fight racism and sexism by going out and insulting, and sometimes even DOXXING people who don’t agree with their ideology.

Do you think insulting someone is going to win them over to your side? Do you think calling someone an “asshat” is going to persuade them that your argument is valid? Many people call themselves “Social Justice Warriors” with the claim that they are fighting to create a world where there is more social justice and fairness. But by shouting down a person who merely disagrees with you — do you really think you are going to make that person less hateful by injecting your own hate into the conversation?

So for many, this is not truly a fight against racism or sexism, it is a crusade in which they can bully other people on the internet, but in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. They get to cuss someone out, try to get them banned from somewhere, blow up their inbox, and all with the feeling that they “saved the day.”

This is the beauty of the character “PC Principal” on the show South Park (as pictured above). He is someone who claims to speak up for values of fairness and equality — by smashing your face in with the nearest brick if you disagree.

Now I will say, there are people on the other side of the fight who are no better. There are people against feminism, who will also DOXX people, make rape threats, curse people out and so on. They’re not doing much to advance their cause either.

But my point is that when a SJW is a bully over perceived verbal slights (when the offender’s intention wasn’t necessarily bad), it is not only NOT helpful, but it is actually driving people away from the causes they claim to promote.

When the banner of Feminism is about fighting “manspreading,” guys sitting with their legs spread apart in the subway, instead of fighting domestic violence and rape, it weakens the feminist cause, and it weakens causes that could up being important for women’s health and safety.

Part of the reason that so many people are now in support of Trump’s hate mongering speech, is because they see it as “plain talk” after being tired of the feeling of walking on egg shells that is political correctness.

So why is it important to bring this up? Because while this blog promotes ideas of traditionalism and patriarchy, I am not about supporting hate toward any gender or race. I have mixed race relatives and non-white friends. I too want to live in a country where a person of color isn’t shot for walking around in a hoodie, or helping an autistic person.

But remember that Martin Luther King advanced the cause of Civil Rights by being well-spoken, and encouraging his followers to act and speak in a manner that was dignified, making the police who beat and brutalize them look like thugs in comparison.

But when the people who claim to wave the banner of minority rights act like brutes themselves, they will drive people to the opposite extreme.

So if you truly want to promote the rights of women and minorities, be kind toward others in your debating. Even if they disagree with you. Even if they offend you. Even if they insult you, because that’s really the way to win the argument in the end.


4 thoughts on “How PC Culture is Making People More Racist and Sexist

  1. The issue with PC culture is it has taken something that used to largely bother preteen girls and senile people, that is, the concern that everything done and said is about them, and validated it. “If you feel offended, it’s offensive.” “If you infer it, they implied it.” “Even if they don’t know they were hurting you, they still tried to hurt you.” “If it makes you feel bad, then it is bad.” Whereas before we used to take preteen girls and explain the differences between what you feel and what you know, tell them that most of the time people mean nothing but what they say and they can’t go through life censoring everything that feels bad, now we tell them to nurture that paranoia, and encourage everyone to develop it.


  2. For instance, the other day the single sentence of “you are nothing like my father” to an elderly relative was twisted into “you are an alcoholic and there are germs in your house” (both verbatim] within 24h. According to PC Culture logic, where there’s smoke there’s fire and I had to have said that, despite the fact everyone knows the relative does not drink at all and that I have never cared about germs or said anything even resembling that in my whole life. According to logic, it’s an older person who’s going a bit senile and/or wants attention.


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