The Fall of Nations, The Rise of Corporate-States


One prediction I make for the future is the fall of the modern concept of a “democratic nation,” and the rise of a new system of government called “corporate-states.”

This might sound crazy to some, but democracy itself doesn’t have much of a track record as far as history is concerned. It began some 200 years ago. It didn’t work out too well in Athens Greece, the blunders of Pericles were a failure. Even the later Republic in Rome eventually converted to an Empire.


Yet today we see that the modern model of parliamentary democracy is not working. It is stuck in gridlock in attempts to put forth the solutions that mankind needs.So who has taken the mantle of pushing forward with research and discovery? Business has. Private businesses are looking into space exploration, and are even interested in putting people on Mars. There is also the Break Through Energy Coalition, an initiative put together by Bill Gates and other private businesses to work on making renewable energy affordable and widespread in the future. Also, it is private businesses that are focusing on trying to make internet usage widespread. Internet everywhere if Elon Musk’s 4,000-satellite idea gets US green light 

While it would be false to say that the government isn’t doing anything, it definitely seems that governments are slow and sluggish in getting things done, while businesses are more innovative, streamlined and dynamic.

Why is this the case? This is because businesses aren’t weighed down with all the glut of parliamentary democracy. In fact, a business works more like an authoritarian model, where the CEO has executive power, and the power model is a top down pyramid. Like old empires, this power is possessed by the person who built the company, by the person who inherits it from their parents, or even someone else of the founder’s choice.

Am I making the simple argument that business is good while government is evil? No. There are of course bad players out there who use and abuse their employees. The conditions of some of Apple’s factory workers in China are near slavery.

Government also fails to protect is citizens against corrupt businesses, instead choosing to put forth laws that protect the biggest businesses, to the exclusion of the small. Governments, such as the fact that the  U.S. government gives out subsidies to its biggest businesses. 10 Taxpayer Handouts to the Super Rich That Will Make Your Blood Boil.

I’m not making an argument of what should be, I am simply discussing what is. 



It is more and more likely that a big collapse is coming. The recession was papered over with new debts, printed money, and artificial inflation rates. Economists are predicting a coming global recession. (David Stockman) (Investopedia). Nothing is being done about the continued destruction of the environment (And hey! We kind of need natural resources to live!) And the funny thing is that after the 1960’s counter cultural revolution of loving the earth and hippy-dippy-love and peacniks, the baby boomers have presided over the greatest destruction of the environment seen in history. Half of the world’s wildlife has been killed off in 40 years (the guardian) and scientists are calling our current era a sixth major mass extinction (Time).



So a lot of the liberal values that emerged from the sixties were a sham, a lie. They were about feeling good rather than being good.Doing things that look like they help the environment (go to Wholefoods), while doing little to actually help the environment. The situation is similar with this idea of promoting a society of peace and love, while today’s liberal politicians clamor for more war (Neocon War Hawks Want Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump. No Surprise—They’ve Always Backed Her.)

So what is my point. Is this just some angry rant against liberals? No. My point is that the structures in our society that are supposed to stand for things like workers rights, environmental rights, minority rights and women’s rights are failing. The institutions that are supposed to champion these causes have sold out. Liberal columnist Chris Hedges makes the point that America’s political shift to the right is not because of the right, but because of the weakness of the political left. (The Whoredom of the Left). So instead what we have is a capitalistic version so called liberal values that add up to supporting more money for those on top, rather than benefits for all. The Feminist movement focused on getting women into the workplace and “lean in” feminism, rather than achieving the original goal of “The Feminine Mystique,” which argued for more fair working hours.

Now Betty Friedan’s vision of the shorter work week with more benefits was achieved in Europe. However, Europe now (in some ways more than America) now deals with the social problems of feminism. The biggest issue with feminism is that it has made the case against the traditional family. (Some could say that the traditional family is grandparents, uncles, aunts, and all living altogether). But I’m talking about family fundamentally being a mom, a dad and some kids. The baseline of all societies has been the family. In Christianity you have the argument that the father is the head of his household, just as Christ is the head of the church. And in Confucianism, Confucius argued that the family was a model for the state.


So when you strip away the baseline for society, there is no society. You either have anarchy or cogs in a machine. The seventies was when big business started gaining more and more influence over society (interesting that this was also the time that feminism really took off). And while it would not be fair to say that feminists were plotting some secret, corporate take over of the state, you can say that a weakened society is more susceptible to the predatory practices, invasion forces from without, so on and so forth. Just like how someone without enough white blood cells is more vulnerable to the flu.

My predication is that there will be a time when world governments (particularly America) can no longer keep kicking the can of financial deficits down the road. Can we borrow money forever? No. Neither main party political candidate, Trump or Hillary, want to talk about the deficit. So eventually this whole situation is going to reach a financial and environmental tipping point, and shit will hit the fan. Right now our system is being funded by all sorts of funny money (printed money and artificial inflation rates), tricks and gimmicks. This is a lot like France before the French Revolution. But eventually when the funny money can no longer keep things rolling, many world governments will face a collapse.

Yet while governments are being kept afloat by deficits and monopoly money, businesses have a model that is self reliant. They can quickly change, adapt and grow to extreme environments. As governments fail, I predict that businesses will rise to supplant the role that government one held. If we go through a new dark age, you may even have a variety of corporate cities or corporate states that act as a sort of medieval fiefdom in modern times giving (protection and food in exchange for labor).



In this brutal new world, the values of the 1960s will be no more. People will not prioritize things like fairness, equality, human rights, women’s rights, so on and so forth. Instead it will be a truly cut throat world where innovation, hard work and a competitive spirit gets one ahead.

Already we see the shadows of this with ghost economies that exist through the internet like bit-coin. And people detaching from society to form their own artificial worlds online. Eventually as the current society declines, perhaps the ghost economies and cut-throat world of business will merge, and take a life of their own.



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