Why did Trump win? White male rage



I think the major catalyst in this election was angry white men. White men overwhelmingly voted for trump.

Before this election, we’ve heard about the crisis of white men in America (and perhaps a crisis for white men in other parts of the West as well). There has been a dramatic increase in the numbers of white men in about their 40’s committing suicide. Employment among males has dropped to record lows.

Now I’m not trying to say that white men are the only ones suffering. I think on the economic scale, Native American, Hispanic and Black men still have it way worse. But I think these demographics have been suffering for a while, whereas this crisis for white men is something new for them. This is a generation that is — for the most part — less successful than their fathers. Whereas many Hispanics and Blacks are now actually more successful than their fathers, or at the same level.


So I think in this election there was an element of white male rage that was gravely underestimated by the American populous. And not only are white men angry about the loss of economic opportunities, but I think they are also angry about feminism and PC culture. White males in America are a demographic that is experiencing tremendous existentialist dread and anger, and yet the PC movement tells them to shut up, check their privilege, and stop complaining because they could never have it as bad as women or minorities.

And while the establishment endorses this kind of behavior, they firmly believed that women, minorities, and liberal whites would be enough to elect their establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Now I’m not saying that our culture shouldn’t address the problems that face women and minorities. But I think when there is a large portion of the population that is upset, it is dangerous just to do nothing except tell them to shut their pie-holes. Because when people aren’t allowed to deal with their rage openly and honestly, it mutates into something violent, something destructive.


If social justice warriors were smart, they would work on bringing heterosexual, CIS gendered white men into their movements somehow. But by alienating them, they have created an enemy that will silence them with impunity when they gain more power.

What third wave social justice warriors have done for women’s rights is something very dangerous. They have trivialized women’s rights by spending so much time raging about non-issues such as manspreading and mansplaining and so on. So now there is an entire generation of Americans who really don’t care if women’s rights to abortion end up getting repealed by the super conservative supreme court justices that Trump will probably appoint. Social justice warriors have helped create a demographic of white men who are numb to civil rights issues, because these issues have been over trivialized, and since white men are locked out of the conversation anyways, the attitude of many white males has become, “Fuck them and fuck it all.”


Honestly, I did not vote for Trump. But I think many people did vote for him because they are just so tired, so fed up with the current system, that even if Trump destroys the whole thing, they see this as a welcome improvement to the status quo.

Is a wholesale destruction of the status quo by Donald Trump a good thing? I don’t know. It looks like his economic plans could cause a global financial meltdown.


So I think there is a lot of chaos in the days ahead. And I think the era that started in the 1960’s is coming to a close. We’re beginning to see the start of a more conservative, nationalistic era. An era in which feminism and PC culture is scrapped. However, I am afraid this could lead to more divisiveness and more racism as well.

I think now is the time for people with revolutionary ideas to step forward. We’re going to see big change in the days ahead. Perhaps even an implosion of the whole system. This will create the vacuum so that something new will emerge. It is important for people to plan and think about what this new thing will be. I hope that it is something that unites us. Something that will enshrine the patriarchal traditions of the past that were the bedrock of civilization, but will also be open to growth, change, tolerance and the interaction of different cultures and races for the greater good (like Rome and Ancient Egypt were). But perhaps I am too optimistic.


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