Why the Alt-Right Won – They Have the MANpower


I’ve made this point so many times I sound like a broken record. Civilizations are ALL patriarchal. There has never been a matriarchal civilization in history. There has never even been a civilization where power was shared 50-50 between males and females. Civilization happens when men band together and form a society that will be to their benefit.

We saw proof of this once again in the 2016 election.

Once upon a time, the Democratic and Republican parties both supported men in their own ways. The Democrats supported the working class men. The Republicans supported the religious right wing men who were interested in maintaining a Christian Patriarchy. But this has obviously changed.

In 2016, the Democrats made their campaign about Identity Politics. Their core constituents were women and minorities, and they decided to ignore the white, working class altogether. This was a retarded decision made on the part of team Hillary, who ignored the advice of her husband (Townhall, 11-13-16), someone who actually …you know…was president…

So this election was perhaps more about the gender divide in America than ever. Clinton put forth a message that was designed to appeal to women. And Trump put forth a message to appeal to men.

And guess who won? Surprise surprise.

Of course it wasn’t all about gender. But Trump was appealing to the many working class men who feel that their government has abandoned them. And these men banded together to…in their words…to take their “country back.”

People who will try to understand the Alt-right through a traditional Republican lens are not going to have a good time. The Republicans in the White House and Congress hate team Trump/Bannon almost as much as the Democrats do.

Whereas the old Republican party was the three-legged stool of religion, fiscal responsibility and military power, the alt-right…as it seems to me…is a form of Nationalism and Populism focused on protecting Western Civilization. People often conflate neo-nazis and white supremacists with the Alt-Right, because the Alt-Right has support from these communities. However, there are primary voices in the Alt-Right who have said that they do not at all support white nationalism, racism, homophobia or anything else a Nazi would support. Milo Yiannopoulos for instance, is a key spokesperson of the Alt-Right, and he is an openly homosexual man, who has had gay relationships with black men, and is ethnically Jewish. So…kind of the opposite of what the Nazis would like.

It seems to me that even though the Alt-Right has attracted the white supremacists in their circle, their primary goal is to protect Western Civilization from what they see as the threat of immigration, Islam, Feminism, and PC-culture.

Although the irony here is if the ideal of a country like America is the freedom of religion, how do you protect that ideal by opposing the religion of Islam?

Am I saying I support the Alt-Right? No. I voted for Bernie Sanders. And people like Trump, Bannon, Milo, etc have said some things that I find to be totally crazy.

But my point is that if a movement is going to ignore this country’s male majority, it’s not going to have a very good time. The only reason why movements like Civil Rights and Feminism in the 1970’s got anywhere is because these things had male support. But third wave feminism is not really about women’s rights anymore. It’s a lot of attention whores and snow flakes on the internet just looking for validation. I mean, where were these snowflakes when there was mass rapes and sexual harassment in Cologne Germany on the part of immigrant men? Nowhere. What are these women doing about domestic violence? Nothing. When actual rape and violence happens to women, they are too scared to come forward and say anything. But then they’ll use topics like man-spreading and man-splaining to pretend they are these fierce social justice “warriors.” The Feminists in the 1970s had legitimate social grievances whereas today’s feminists don’t.

So the left has alienated the majority of its male support. The traditional republican right has alienated its younger male support. But the Alt-Right has tapped the pulsing vein of male anger in the West. So…these are going to be an interesting four years. Just hope Trump doesn’t end up going to war with China, Mexico or anything else stupid like that.


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